Here are some the questions we, as reenactors, are most frequently asked:

Just who the heck are you fellas anyways?!?

We are a WWII Living History group who portrays 27th Guards, Red Army . We have other impressions as well.

We are based in California with membership statewide as well as having members in Nevada and abroad. We are also members of the Research and Preservation Society (RPS)  which is a historical society.


Our unit not only does WWII battle re-enactments, but we do displays for the public at veteran events such as Memorial and Veteran Day parades. We also have a lot of contact with our Nation’s WWII Veterans as well as informational presentations to local schools and colleges.


We exist primarily to honor and remember the brave men who served during WWII in general, the infantryman specifically.


Is this it? 2 boards on this forum?!?!

No, there is more to be sure.


Once you are verified by the board admins, more access will be granted. If you do have amy questions, please feel free to post in the Q&A section, or PM Shoomie.


How do I join?

You have made the first step by finding this site, registering, and hopefully by now have posted an intro (Please see the post on this sub-board on guidelines for posting an intro).


Once you have registered and it has been determined that you are on the up and up, full access for registered users will be granted; this means that you may post in the other non-member sub-boards on the forum. All that you will need to do at this point is wait until the next event, at which point you will receive an invitation to come out.


New members, straight from the internet, must be invited to events by the "New Membership" committee and are then voted in by current unit members based upon the recruit’s attitude, team focus, and general compatibility with the majority of the members. Our unit is a close, tight-knit unit- there is no room for someone who is not a team play, has a bad attitude, or is just unwilling to help out when needed. Events outside re-enactments, such as parades, demonstrations, veteran visitations, or otherwise are also by invitation ONLY. Bear in mind that an invitation does not guarantee membership. Just like the army during WWII, not everyone makes it just because they "volunteer".


New recruits who are "endorsed" by current members in good standing (i.e. good friends who would make good additions to the unit, family members, etc) receive invites by default (a.k.a. "Grand fathered in"). The current member "vouches" for the recruit and takes on the responsibility for the recruit until the recruit is either voted or not voted in.


Members are voted in, by majority, by the unit members. New recruits are initially brought into the unit as just that- a recruit. After 2 major events (battles) or 1 major and 2 minor events (Battle and training events), the vote is brought to the members for admission into the unit a full member.


What is the "New Recruit Liason/Personnel NCO" deal?

The New Recruit Liason/Personnel NCO's job to is contact, observe, and determine on whether new recruits who come straight from the internet to this Forum (i.e. have no acquaintances who are current unit members) will receive an invitation to an event.


Simply put, the New Recruit Liason will ascertain if a new recruit will make a good contribution to the unit in terms of commitment, integrity, and image to the unit. As this unit is involved in public displays, demos, and direct contact with veterans, it is imperative that we attract and maintain the right guys who come for the right reasons.


Things that are taken into consideration are attitude on the forum, involvement with members, contribution to discussion, the following of directions (I cannot stress this point enough), and overall cohesiveness with the unit as a whole.


In addition, concerns/opinions from unit members regarding the recruit are weighed by the New Recruit Liason and those opinions/concerns are then brought to the Unit Leadership for dispensation.


Are there dues?

Yes there are yearly unit dues, which are $30. This is over and above any RPS and/or CHG yearly dues. To remain in good standing, dues MUST be paid with in the first quarter of the new year, or at the first event of the new year. NO EXCEPTIONS.



How do I get access to the other parts of the forum?

Due to a sudden influx of “bad posters”, we have had to lock down portions of the board in an effort to keep some control and not let things get entirely out of hand. The other sub-boards are read-only until access is granted to recruits; posting is only able to be done on the Q&A and the New Recruits boards.


Once you have posted your intro, send a PM to Shoomie (if he hasn’t already sent you one welcoming you to the forum). From there, you will move foreword to gaining permissions to post in the other boards.


What gear do I need?

See the “gear” section of the web page.



It is encouraged that you purchase the basic kit first. Do not buy the additional items untill you are not voted into the unit.


All unit members, especially the “old men” of the unit have a very good knowledge base on what the troops carried during WWII; they are all more than willing to give guidance on what every recruit should get. IF there is any uncertainty on whether or not you should get something, send a PM to Strech, our Authenticity NCO; the unit Authenticity NCO has final say on what is allowable and what is not.


If, however you feel a burning need to buy gear, please check with unit members before purchasing- again, no sense spending money of stuff you will not be allowed to use.


Additionally, Recruits who become probationary members must show that they are committed to becoming a member by showing that they are purchasing their gear. If you show up at your 3rd event, and meet the requirements for vote to full membership, yet haven't purchased anything more than boots or a just a uniform, the vote may be defered and/or a no vote may be motioned. BOTTOM LINE: get your basic kit.


Once a recruit is voted in, then the following is a recommended guideline as to the order in which to acquire equipment:


For the First Event:

1). Basic Kit


Essential Items:

Tunic (Gymnostroika) - Either the M35 (very early war) or the M43 model will work. The most common was the M-43 tunic. We suggest the purchase of the M-43. You can purchase the M35 after your acceptance in the unit. M43 tunics require shoulder boards. You will need the infantry model which has raspberry piping.

When starting this unit you will be a basic rifleman so no form of rank should be displayed.

Trousers (Sharovari) - M43 model

M-1940 Helmet-Wartime helmets can be found. Try to find a wartime model helmetPost war are acceptable. No Chezc models are allowed.

Pilotka cap -Purchase this item from where ever you buy your uniform from.

Jack boots - These can be post war Russian or East German

Low Quarter Boots - another option. They need to be worn with Puttes/leggings.

Equipment Belt - This can be a plain single roller natural colored leather belt or a canvas/leather combat belt.

Two Ammo Pouches - Post war ammo pouches are fine.One or two usually come with the purchase of your rifle.

Canteen. - This is ABSOULUTE MUST HAVE. Post war canteens are really identical and are acceptable.

Spoon – Aluminum or wood is acceptable. An absolute must.

Mosin Nagant 91/30 - The Mosin Nagant 91/30 was the primary rifle of the Red army.


Next items...

rubber grenades

bayonet ,



Dress uniform, Gas mask bag, Ushanka, back packs, e-tools, etc.


Make the essential items a priority!!.



Do you use real ammo and what guns do you use?

Mosin Nagant 91/30 - The Mosin Nagant 91/30 was the primary rifle of the Red army forces in WW2 and is used by our living history group. All other rifles are to be blank adapted and checked by the safety NCO prior to use. Blank ammunition is used and can most often be obtained by venders at the events. There are some places online that sell blank ammunition, but it is recommended that you purchase at the events.


In general, Mosins are quite cheap and easy to obtain.



Where do I get a Thompson/PpSH/etc etc?

The Mosin was the primary battle weapon used by Russian forces in WW2. Don't bother asking how to get a hold of any other weapon system.



Where are events held?

Events are mostly held at Camp Roberts, California. They are generally sponsored by living history groups affiliated with the RPS (Research and Preservation Society) or the CHG (California Historical Group). There are events planned in the future at possible locations such as Forts Hunter Liggit and Ord, as well as a yearly Battle of the Bulge event in Southern California near Big Bear (and yes, it gets fricken cold there!).


What kind of guys are you looking for?

We are interested in bringing in quality people to the 27th Guards. Since we portray that unit, and specifically you have to have some interest in putting that impression together. We are not elitists but we want the best guys that we can get.


What we are not looking for are people with bad attitudes. Anyone supporting any socialist communist or fachist ideals, Or just plain shitheads in general.


We are looking for guys who want to be a part of our group for all the right reasons (no, I am not going to tell you what those are…we do need some sort of device to weed out all non-hackers!! Hehee). That is the reason for the New Recruit Questionnaire. It gives us an opportunity to get to know you- things do not always translate well over this medium; however, over time, we will get a good idea of what sort of a person a recruit is.