For your basic kit you will need:

Tunic (Gymnostroika) - Either the M35 (very early war) or the M43 model will work. The most common was the M-43 tunic. We suggest the purchase of the M-43. You can purchase the M35 after your acceptance in the unit. M43 tunics require shoulder boards. You will need the infantry model which has raspberry piping.

When starting this unit you will be a basic rifleman so no form of rank should be displayed.

Trousers (Sharovari) -  M43 model

M-1940 Helmet-

Wartime helmets can be found. Try to find a wartime model helmet

Post war are acceptable. No Chezc models are allowed. 

Pilotka cap -

Purchase this item from where ever you buy your uniform from.

Jack boots - These can be post war Russian or East German

Low Quarter Boots - another option. They need to be worn with Puttes/leggings.

Equipment Belt - This can be a plain single roller natural colored leather belt or a canvas/leather combat belt.

Two Ammo Pouches - Post war ammo pouches are fine.

 One or two usually come with the purchase of your rifle.

Canteen. - This is ABSOULUTE MUST HAVE. Post war canteens are really identical and are acceptable.


Spoon – Aluminum or wood is acceptable. An absolute must.

 Spoons were often carried in boots or leggings

Weapons -

California laws apply.

Mosin Nagant 91/30 - The Mosin Nagant 91/30 was the primary rifle of the Red army. This is the most common rifle and is strongly suggested.

Big 5 sporting goods has them for pretty cheap.

Mosin Nagant M38 -  M38 which was general reserved for cavalry, rear guards or secondary troops.

We don't encourage you to purchase this model until later.

Mosin Nagant M44 NOT ACCEPTABLE-


PPSH 41  This can be a blankfire, non gun only. Please check with the unit before puchasing this weapon.

PPSH 43  This can be a blankfire, non gun only. Please check with the unit before puchasing this weapon.

SVT 38 or 40 - Please check with the unit before purchasing this weapon.

Maxim Machine Gun -  This can be a blankfire, non gun or or gas converted only. Please check with the unit before puchasing this weapon.

Pistols - Pistols can ONLY be carried by officers, NCOs, vehicle crews or machine gun crews

Optional items you may want:

Ushanka –Fur hat. NO post war ushankas are acceptable Make sure you get a good reproduction

Telegeika (padded jacket)

Overcoat – optional to Telegeika

Trouser Belt -Needed to keep your pants up

Breadbag -

Gas Mask Bag - Great for general purpose, personal items. (food, water, vodka, etc).

Backpack (Vesh Myeshok) - Reproduction or properly convert post war models are fine.

Shelter Half (Plasch Palatka) - Great for when it rains, for a blanket, ground cover, and shelter half.

Shovel with carrier - Should be an original or reproduction carrier with an original  WWII shovel.

Mess kit or pot - Post war models or German WWII are acceptable

Reproduction Rations- Please check with the unit before purchasing

Additional items to add to impression(meaning you wont need them right away but get them gradually):

Fighting knife.
Rubber grenades
Grenade pouch

Note: Russian uniforms come in a variety of colors, weave, and fabric weight.  Uniform items rarely matched in color and fabric weave. So it is totally acceptable to have trousers that don't match your tunic. Although it looks nice if it does. We encourage you to get your trousers from the same place you get your tunic. Some of the vendors mentioned above have uniform sets. This option is great for someone who is just starting to put their impression together.

Uniform colors can normally be olive green, mustard, khaki, green, or brown in color.

These are some examples of what you will need: (notice color differences.)


- Further images and examples of how to wear uniforms and gear can be found in the "Gallery".