About us:

So comrade, you want to join the 27th Guards?

 Great! We are a group of military historians and enthusiasts, individuals from different backgrounds dedicated to honoring and preserving the tactical and everyday life experience of the World War II Russian Soldier. We are located in Northern and Southern California. We are looking for recruits that are interested in portraying the common Russian infantryman in WW2. But first there are a few points that need to be stated:

 We must stress that we are a group of historians, not communists. We strive to be as accurate in our impressions as possible.  Our job is to portray the common Russian patriotic soldier in WW2, who fought for his country, and not for communism.  We will also try to teach members about the atrocities and horrors that were commited by the Soviet Union during the Second World War.  Therefore...

 *We do not condone or support any communist, fascist, socialist, or racist ideals.

 *We will not be putting up pictures of Stalin or Lenin in the barracks.

 *We will not be waiving the hammer and sickle flag.

 Anyone promoting any of these ideals will not be tolerated and not allowed to participate. Our unit is comprised of working professionals such as Doctors, Lawyers, Police officers, Teaches, veterans and working students. Therefore we will not tolerate any unprofessional nor negative attitudes towards one another, our parent unit or the hobby as a whole. Any persons who display any such behavior will be asked to leave immediately.

 We accept anyone who wishes to join the unit. We do not reject anyone based on sex, race, disability, or religious views. We also accept women to join (if there are any with interest)

 The Russian army was the one of the only armies in WWII to allow women to fight at the front. They served as scouts, medics, snipers, and as pilots as well.

 We abide to the rules of conduct set by the RPS (Research and Preservation Society) and the CHG (California Historical Group).  For more info check the link on the left (Under "Our Friends" tab).  And we do urge you to read it. 

 The main purpose in reenacting is to portray the military personnel from any time period of your choice. It is your job to honor the veterans. Your authenticity in uniforms and equipment standards must be of the highest standard both in the field and in the barracks. These standards are not meant to deter prospective members, but to outline the expectations that we as reenactors have to live up to. Only by creating and maintaining such high standards in uniform, equipment, and attitude can we respectfully represent the veterans of any conflict. This is your impression.

 The second most important thing to strive for is authenticity. Organizing, displaying, and wearing of personnel, equipment and presenting lifestyle and history of the military branch of your choice to accomplish this mission.

 The Great thing about the Russian WWII impression is is one of the cheapest and easiest to put together. 

 Although we strive to be as accurate as possible we also try to make the experience of reenacting fun and rewarding.  If this sounds good to you then feel free to send us an email, by clicking on the "Email" tab on the top of the page.  Hope to see some of you out in the field!                                                         



                                                                       Established 2009